Sensing Platform

Launching an industrial sensing platform for
the Canadian concrete and construction industries

Maturity Measurement

Contractors and builders can measure the
maturity of concrete

Analytics Software

SolidSense, integrating the sensor with
the advanced analytics software packages

Core Services

What we do

SolidSense is in the construction sensors business, specifically in the wireless concrete sensing space for contractors and suppliers. It is at the intersection of several core markets, specifically IoT, construction, and concrete supply.


Connecting things,
It’s all about construction.

We utilize the most advanced durable wireless temperature & humidity sensing IOT technologies, to optimise your construction project. From the initial consultation to project completion, you can be assured of SolidSense commitment to your complete satisfaction.

About us

How it works

SolidSense can be set up in 3 simple steps.


SolidSense sensors are easy to install. Simply secure the sensors to rebar with tie wraps.


Plug the concrete sensors into the transmitter node for wireless connectivity.


Monitor the performance of your concrete by accessing real-time data available 24/7.


Some of our great features:

Concrete Quality Measurement

Predictive analytics and real-time temperature and humidity measurements allow contractors to have access to an accurate measurement of concrete maturity and strength.

Actionable Recommendations

Active control and actionable recommendations of the on-site equipment allows contractors to reduce concrete and labor cost.

Wireless Sensor Solution

Unique, resilient, and easy-to-deploy, wireless sensor solution with over two years of battery life and high temperature and humidity measurement accuracy at low cost.

Unique Hardware Design

Disposable cloud-connected, wireless hardware to measure temperature and humidity of the concrete over time and communicate in real-time with the on-site and at the head office engineer.

Real-time Monitoring

Basic real-time on-site monitoring application which allows the users to view the temperature and humidity of concrete.

Software Package

Advanced analytics, cross-site tracking software package that enables measurement of concrete strength and maturity using the proprietary database and activates on-site equipment for condition optimization.


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