interview with ceo

Interview with our CEO, Arash Sanati

Arash is a registered member of solid sense with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing and managing a ready-mix and precast concrete factory. He has engaged his life in research and studying concrete technology.

He has professional membership in the Iranian Concrete Association since 2012; He is a Member of the Engineering Intern (EIT) program of Professional Engineering Ontario. He has the license of Tehran Construction Engineering Organization for designing, supervising, and executing structures from the ministry of road and urban planning of Iran.

- Why did you decide to become an engineer?

I come from a family of engineers. My father was a civil engineer, designing and constructing bridges, buildings, and ports. Like every other kid, I loved the sand and playing with mud and dirt. So, Concrete technology was the natural conclusion of my career path.

- What qualities or interests are ideal for an engineer?

Engineering is the embodiment of evaluating ideas on their merits and addressing relevant, challenging real-world problems by designing practical, efficient solutions. It allows me to delve into the significant construction need and approach them in a hands-on manner to design and build appropriate technologies to address contractors' needs and improve construction efficiency and safety.

- How did you get involved with solid sense?

As finding the best time to opening formwork is one of the most challenging activities in almost all construction fields, I decided to find a way to determine and predict the concrete compressive strength in real-time.

So after some studies and research, I find the maturity method and decided to develop this method and use it in the construction industry.

- How is your role as a CEO at Solid sense?

I am responsible for:

  • developing and executing the company's business strategies and business plan.
  • Analyzing and solve any problematic situations related to the construction site and concrete technology.
  • Oversee the company’s financial performance: investment and other business venture.
  • Outline the goal for research and development.
  • To make sure that technological resources meet the companies short and long-term needs.

- How Solid sense help its customer?

One of the most critical things in concrete projects is monitoring concrete strength and maturity to ensure structural integrity and timely project completion.

We help contractors and builders to receive data related to concrete strength and maturity in real-time. This saves project time and resource that was previously wasted in laboratory tests to collect the same data to predict the best time to open the formwork and go to the next level.

- Who are the solid sense customers?

Our customers are builders and contractors. There is an excellent opportunity for this business in Canada due to the weather condition and construction time limitations. The contractor's attention to the profit margin, efficiency, and safety.