Industrial Sensing Platform

SolidSense is in the construction sensors business, specifically in the wireless concrete sensing space for contractors and suppliers. It is at the intersection of several core markets, specifically IoT, construction, and concrete supply.

Solidsense Solutions for Concrete

SolidSense is a state-of-the art, wireless-based system that monitors concrete temperature, humidity, and evaporation during concrete pouring, and we use sensors for concrete maturity and strength prediction. SolidSense uses nodes that are simply attached to concrete rebar before a pour.

With the SolidSense app, a user can measure concrete properties – in real time – from a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone. The cloud-based app collects the data and then provides customizable metrics.

All SolidSense calculations are done in real-time. All sorts of weather can impact a proper concrete pour, and SolidSense uses the real-time measurements to accurately monitor how various external factors influence the concrete curing at the site.

Understanding the Maturity of Concrete

At SolidSense, we have built our careers on the study of concrete. We understand that the ultimate strength of concrete is a function of the time for maturity and the thermal history of the concrete itself. Maturity is determined by a combination of temperature, cement hydration and the mechanical properties of concrete. Concrete cures at various speeds at various temperatures. The higher the concrete temperature, the faster the development of concrete strength, because high temperatures speed up the reaction between cement and water.

With its innovative product sensors and associated software, SolidSense allows for easy and accurate monitoring. SolidSense follows the concrete industry principles of the temperature-time factor (known as Nurse Saul) and equivalent age (the Arrhenius Equation).

As concrete matures, and even as it is mixed, there is an exothermic chemical reaction that occurs between water and cement, and this causes a rapid increase in temperature. As the concrete temperature increases, there is a related increase in curing speed. Monitoring in-field curing with SolidSense enables contractors to take real-time actions. The SolidSense app will give insights into elements of a pour such as when it is safe to remove formwork, when to cover or uncover concrete, how to monitor and prevent early frost, optimize compression strength tests, etc.


What we do

Concrete Quality Measurement

Predictive analytics and real-time temperature and humidity measurements allow contractors to have access to an accurate measurement of concrete maturity and strength.

Actionable Recommendations

Active control and actionable recommendations of the on-site equipment allows contractors to reduce concrete and labor cost.

Wireless Sensor Solution

Unique, resilient, and easy-to-deploy, wireless sensor solution with over two years of battery life and high temperature and humidity measurement accuracy at low cost.

Unique Hardware Design

Disposable cloud-connected, wireless hardware to measure temperature and humidity of the concrete over time and communicate in real-time with the on-site and at the head office engineer.

Real-time Monitoring

Basic real-time on-site monitoring application which allows the users to view the temperature and humidity of concrete.

Software Package

Advanced analytics, cross-site tracking software package that enables measurement of concrete strength and maturity using the proprietary database and activates on-site equipment for condition optimization.